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Personal Particulars

residence particulars

CPF Housing Withdrawal

latest 3 months income

head office particulars

(Tax Reference Number: )

30 Sep 2023 04:55AM (Singapore Standard Time)



(CPF Account Number: )

30 Sep 2023 04:55AM (Singapore Standard Time)



Applicant's / Borrower's Consent for Release of Information

      I (Applicant's/Borrower's Name) , (NRIC/FIN Number) , hereby consent and authorize registered licensed money lending company to release all or some of my Personal details and Loans details / Contract details to the following company / organization or parties.

    Registry Of Moneylenders or any other government agencies
    SME Credit Bureau
    MLCB Credit Bureau
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Debt Collection Companies engaged by SYNERGY CREDIT PTE LTD
    Any Law Firm engaged for the recovery of the loan
    Third Party Accountants / Auditors for the purpose of accounting, auditing and filing
    Sivren Pte Ltd for the purpose of acting as a Data Intermediary / application software
    Database Provider

* For the purpose of collating such information for credit management, assessment purposes and debts recovery, which information are accessible by subscribers to the above-mentioned parties. I am informed and understand that your company is a registered license money lending company. Is a contributor and subscriber of information with the above-mentioned parties;

* In this connection, my personal and loan information shall include inter alia, my personal particulars including name, identity card, passport number or Fin. No., home address, income, assets, liabilities, loan amount, interest rate, loan disbursement date, tenure of loan, loan servicing history;

* Agree to disclose true copies of my income or financial substantiation documents and/or other documents as may be required by the company, which documents shall thereby become and remain the company’s properties;

* Authorize the company to conduct credit checks and verify information given in this application with any person/authority without prior reference to me;

* Express permit and authorize the company and the company’s officers to disclose, reveal and divulge any and all information and particulars relating to and in connection with me, any and all of my accounts with the company (whether held alone or jointly), any transactions or dealings between me and the company, this application and/or any facilities granted to me to any person at any time and from time to time, including, but not limited to any of my guarantor or surety, any person who is jointly or jointly and severally liable or indebted to the company with me, any of the company’s subsidiaries, branches, agents, correspondents, agencies or representative offices, any governmental agencies and authorities in Singapore and elsewhere, contractors, third party service providers or such other persons that may have entered into contractual relations with the company, any credit bureau and any of the company’s potential assignees and transferees;

* Authorize the company/website/third party service providers to contact me with regards to my application and I agreed to the privacy policies and terms of use.


  • By submitting this loan application. I hereby authorized Synergy Credit Pte Ltd to release all or some of my personal loan contact details to MLCB.
  • I hereby give consent and acknowledged the information is to be submitted to MLCB for purpose of producing a credit report and the information may be disclosed by MLCB to the registrar and any public (agency which deemed necessary by registrar)

* I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above

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